The Economy


The Free Market Economy is the engine that drives everything. Every business, every government, every charity, every purchase is built on the the profit of Free Enterprise. 

No market = no money.

The Market Needs Freedom Restored. Freedom to use sound money, to contract, to copy and replicate, to work, and to fire.



War is the most destructive and deadly act of man, and should only be used as a last resort to defend against imminent attacks on the US. War should not be waged, nor lives wagered, for non-existential economic endeavors, but only when all our lives are already at risk from some outside threat. 

The Constitution


28. Separation of Bank and State, 

29. No Crimes without Act + Intent + Victim. 



There are only a few areas which comprise the vast majority of federal spending: Welfare, Medical, and Defense spending make up 75% of the budget. These areas should be cut to keep the economy competitive.

Energy and Climate


Nuclear is a solution that works today.

Fusion will be a solution that works tomorrow. The way to implement this component of the solution is to fasttrack regulatory approval of new and refurbished sites.

Health Care


 Socialism is not the answer. Free Market Capitalism, not cronyism, and not heavy regulation, promotes competition, competency, and excellence. Licensing, Patents, and Copyrights should be relaxed.

Economic Issues

Free Trade


 Immigrants have always been an American strength. Continue the trend. "Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses..." 

Monetary policy, Inflation, The Fed


Monetary policy has been hijacked by the powers that be and used to bail out Wall Street for too long. The People need freedom of money.



 The 2008 Financial crisis was created by an effort to make homes affordable for all.   Regulations are not what they used to be, nor what they were intended to be. The word means "To make regular" not to restrict. Congress was only supposed to regulate commerce b/t the states, but that got out of hand with Wickard v. Filburn.  

Reform Taxation


 Tax reform has been lurking for decades. It's time. The end should come swift and complete. Make all taxes voluntary. 

Medicare and Medicaid


These programs are failing the public by costing far too much, and driving out competiton. The solutions are in more freedom for the patients. 

Social Security


Social Security is a Ponzi Tontine scheme. It means well, but like all forced charity programs is growing into unsustainability. It must be heavily curtalied or ended.

Economic issues

Population Growth, AI, and Jobs


People actually add value to the system on average. All AI is directed by some human. Jobs are infinitely divisible

Equal Rights for all


Equal means equal under the law. Equal does not mean equality of outcome. 

Minimum Wages, and Price Controls


 Minimum wages harm low income earners by excluding them from the workforce. Denmark, with no minimum, has the maximum 



UBI sounds awesom, but it's completely impractical. There's an old saying that begins "give a man a fish" which is relevent here. If people recklessly spend their UBI money, then what? And it's Way to expensive anyway



Licensing is a counterproductive control scheme from 17th century merchantilism that does more to limit workers than protect consumers. All licenses should become  voluntary certifications.

Debt, and Free Stuff



Health issues



 There is no such thing as "gun control", only people control. It takes a person with a gun to control another. If you're for gun control, you'll need a gun to get it done.

Prohibition: Drugs you can't use.


 Prohibition has proven counterproductive again. We should trust our citizens with the Right to Ingestion implied in the 9th Amendment.



The US is involved in X number of conflicts.



 Legal, safe, and rare was a pretty good standard. Abortion may be sinful, but it would be a perversion of justice to grant a state actor control over womens' bodies on behalf of unborn third parties. 



  The USA contributes 1% of ocean plastic. 

Criminal Justice


Part III of CC's book Black and Blue Lives details out 12 suggestions about how we could meaningfully reform criminal justice in the USA.

More Issues

Federal Education


 is the last thing that should be centrally controlled. We should immediately sell off the schools and priviatize its funding.  Online education wil be free and universal soon.

Immigration and Border Control


Now matter how open you want immigration to be, we must still control the border or someone else will. 

Single Subject Bill Amendment


The Congress should be limited to passing bills with only one primary subject.

Foreign Aid


It's more important that we help ourselves here at home than that we spend so much on other countries' populations.

Foreign Legion


If you see an injustice in the world and you really want to help, as a free American, you should be able to spend your efforts on anything

Voluntary government service


Cut pay for congress.