About Us


This is Jimmy (to the Left)

He's been doing a show since the 1990's. We started out on a local AM radio station - shout out to Eric Jewel for giving us a presence. Shortly thereafter we migrated onto the internet. We produced irregular 2-hour audio podcasts off and on for the next 15 years amassing over 200 shows. Then came videos, and finally streaming. Today we produce two, one-hour live audio-visual podcast per week. They are streamed live Facebook on George Elmore's page at 4pm Eastern time. Within an hour a copy of each show is subject matter time-stamped and posted on this site and Youtube, with a link to our Twitters.  Then an audio copy is produced and uploaded to Libsyn for proliferation on iTunes and other streaming services. Please join us at any of our venues. And please send in your subject-matter requests for our discussions. Thank you.


Look at that old Apple computer

He was an early adopter. And that shirt, sheesh. 


That's Counselor Curtis's real head

On an island somewhere in the Caribbean, parrot on my shoulder.


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