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 156 –Jimmy and CC discuss Covid-19, 3:13 Cruise ship and port  authorities, 11:00 Removal from homes; 14:50 Shoulda, coulda, woulda,  18:15 Incompatible information slideshow; 19:45 Conspiracy Theory;  23:33 Professional Civil Draft; 26:53 Florida Beaches Closed; 29:52   videos of masks; 31:07 The Democratic Convention Show 2be virtual; 33:13 Biden and Bernie agree 2 more bailouts needed; 39:02 Consequences: no tax revenues;  46:00 Ford Cash for Clunkers; 56:00 Medical Arbitrage Distribution . 


Jimmy Doane podcasting

Jimmy Doane

The OG Podcaster, Jimmy had a podcast in 2003, and over 200 episodes before the iphone came out - a little too early. 

Jimmy was born in a wealthy D.C. enclave the great great grandson of a United States Senator and U.S. Supreme Court Justice. 

Jimmy attended swanky Landon prep school, but did not associate with the girls from Holton Arms. 

Dr. Doane has a degree in math from The University of Florida, but his real game is economics. He sides with the Austrians most of the time, but he's read Everybody on the topic, so put him on the spot and see how he does.

Counselor Curtis

Counselor Curtis

  • Comedian
  • J.D., U.M. 1999
  • Delegate to the Libertarian National Convention 2008
  • Practiced law for 15 years. Founded Curtis Elmore Law, P.A.
  • MENSA Asst. Loc. Sec., S.I.G.H.T coordinator for N. FL. and Speaker at the 2019 Annual Gathering in Phoenix.
  • Author of 5 books including: Black and Blue Lives: How to Survive and Reform American Criminal Justice; Freepublic: The Demise of Military Governments and the rise of Volunteerism; and Marlow's Mighty Math: A revolutionary way to do math more easily that practically makes you smarter. And The Inalienable Rights of Man. All available on Amazon.


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